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DeepChill’s End-to-end Industrial Slurry Ice Systems

With a range of system components and configurations available, DeepChill® has the right solution to meet your needs.

System configurations

Whether you need high-capacity storage or a compact footprint, DeepChill® offers a range of flexible systems designed to help you maximize productivity and efficiency.


Storage silo-based systems

A DeepChill® system with passive storage.


Mixing storage-based systems

A DeepChill® system with active storage / dispenser ideal for smaller installations.


Inline systems

A once-through compact system that produces and delivers DeepChill® inline.

Assembly packages

DeepChill® systems are available pre-configured for easy installation or as modules that can be fitted to the specific requirements of your space.

Fully assembled


These pre-assembled and factory tested systems are pre-configured, piped and wired. Installation at your plant will be as easy as plug-and-play.

Adaptive assembly


To provide a flexible layout that adapts to your space restrictions, standard blocks can be delivered as pre-assembled modules to be installed at site.

Advantages of DeepChill® systems

  • Modular systems enabling full redundancy, flexible layout and future expansion
  • Accurate metering and ease of distribution through pipelines to any point of use
  • Accurate and adjustable ice fractions delivered with constant, steady flow
  • Through re-crystallization, ability to adjust crystal size and DeepChill® composition to suit different applications
  • Online pre-emptive monitoring, troubleshooting and system update for reliable operation and reduced maintenance cost

DeepChill® system vs conventional cooling systems


Cooling Efficiency

  • Very high cooling rate, up to 3 times of conventional cooling methods
  • Doesn’t leave air and heat pockets, ensuring uniform cooling
  • Provides rapid cooling for large quantities of product
  • Adjustable temperature and consistency, providing optimal cooling

Product Protection

  • Medium cooling rate, with limited contact points with product, resulting in lower cooling rates and longer cooling times
  • Difficult to achieve even coverage and uniform cooling
  • Can cause cold burn.

  • Low cooling rate
  • Product is cooled by continuous circulation of chilled water, which requires hours to cool the product
  • Inefficient for cooling large quantities of product

Cooling Efficiency

  • Very high cooling rate, 3 times higher than conventional cooling methods as attested by independent tests
  • Doesn’t leave air and heat pockets, ensuring uniform cooling
  • Can provide immediate cooling for large quantities of product
  • Adjustable temperature, to provide optimal cooling for any product

Product Protection

  • DeepChill® suspends and encapsulates product and protects it from cuts, bruising, or any other damages
  • Locks in moisture, therefore product does not dry out

Product Storage in the Cooling Medium

  • DeepChill® can take different forms (liquid, paste, dry) depending on application
  • Prevents damage during transportation
  • Ability to store product at sub-zero temperature – to prolong shelf life
  • Protects from dehydration and airborne contaminants

Efficiency of Cooling Medium’s Storage

  • Thermos-like DeepChill® storage tanks are designed for minimal heat losses (as low as 1.5%)
  • Stored DeepChill® remains free-flowing without bridging over time
  • DeepChill storage units are highly energy efficient, compact and space efficient

Operational Efficiency

  • DeepChill is easily pumped and applied anywhere, streamlining operations and reducing manual labour
  • Provides product quality consistency due to automation and precise control over quantity, salinity and ice fraction
  • DeepChill can be the best buffer storage solution for food products — it increases the processing window without compromising quality

Energy Efficiency

  • Very energy-efficient generators and storage units